How to Get Started in Art Tract

  1. Click "Add a Page" and enter your Artist Name (or your Alias).
  2. Do whatever you want with it.

The main point of Art Tract is to provide examples to people of what you can do. Please do not overload your Artist Page with your whole gallery. Choose your best works that give a demonstration of who you are.

Please provide a valid address where people can contact you.

The contact address need not be your real address or your email. It can just be a profile from a site that you frequent.

This is so that you have proof that the examples that you put up are yours, and that you really wanted a page here at Art Tract.

Art Lingo

  • Art Trade - In which two people draw art for each other.
  • Commission - A piece of artwork that is payed for in some way, usually money.
  • Kiribans - This mostly applies to deviantART. This is when a profile page receives a specific number of pageviews. When a user sees the number, they can screenshot the kiriban and send it to the artist, who rewards the screenshotter.
  • Request - In which a person draws art for free.