Terms and Conditions

By joining or contributing to this wiki, you agree to the following terms:

  1. You MAY NOT vandalize or alter another artist's user page.
  2. You MAY NOT flame, troll, or harass another artist, ESPECIALLY in regards to ability.
  3. You MAY NOT offer services that are considered indecent or scandalous.
  4. You MAY NOT post examples of your work that is indecent or scandalous.
  5. You MAY NOT distribute links that allow users to circumvent payments of actual software or programs.
  6. You MAY NOT post examples of works that are not 100% yours. This includes bases or traces. Photomanipulations are accepted so long as you credit all sources.
  7. Racism is FORBIDDEN.
  • Please do not make a user page for a person other than yourself without their permission.